Its all about the tail!
Our wagging tail cat & dog clocks are designed & made in Sharon, CT.USA!
They are made of wood & metal. We take pride in their quality!
They run on one AA battery.
A good alkeline battery will last one to two years
They come in a clear top box ready for gift giving & durable enough for shipping.
Just put in the battery, hang the tail & your ready to go.
A small screw or nail will be enough to hang the clock on the wall.

All clocks are hand made & guaranteed for one year after purchase.
Of course you will get many many years of accuracy & smiles.
We are always adding designs & breeds so if you don't see it now, check back or email us a request.

The original art work & clock designs are created by Tara Cafiero & Peter Hill. We have a long history of product design & innovation.
The wagging tail clocks are just one of many personal & home accessories which are available in over 400 different designs!
Not just cats & dogs.
Check out our other products online @

Pink Cloud Gallery
59 New st.
Sharon, Ct. 06069
800 273-0067

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are they made?
In our studio in Sharon, CT.

What are they made of?
wood and metal

Does it run on a battery?
Yes, one AA battery, a good alkaline battery will last one to two years!

But it doesn't look EXACTLY like my cat or dog. Can you customize?
Are you nuts? ITS ALL ABOUT THE TAIL!!!
Its fun & happy & even if its not exactly like your critter It captures the joy & spirit of it's life.
We like to add breeds so if yours is one we don't already have, send a photo & a note. We will let you know.

My dog doesn't have a tail, what can I do?
What ever you do, Don't tell your dog!

1- How does the tail work?

Take a look @ the short video
The tail is taped inside the box.
The tail bracket is clicked onto a little post to the side of the motor.
Un-click the the tail bracket.
Hang the tail on the end of it
Place one AA battery in.
Hang flush to the wall with a small nail or screw.
Give the tail a gentle push & away it goes!

To set the time, use the small dial on the back of the motor or just rotate the end of the minute hand (long hand) clockwise.

2-I have one of your clocks & just love it (my life is now complete) but the tail stopped wagging, what can I do?

First make sure your battery is GOOD.
I know you checked just check again & make sure.
A weak battery may run the time & not the tail or vise versa.
Its a good battery...
Make sure the motor in the back is straight up & down.
If its crooked the tail will be out of balance & slow to a stop.

3-The hands are loose, the hour hand drops down.

The hour hand slides down the little white shaft.
It may have come loose & needs to be pushed down again.
With your index finger & thumb line the hand up with the shaft & gently wiggle it down.
Its not hard!
The minute hand is held on with the end cap nut.
Make sure its finger tight

We test every clock before packaging them.
You should get many many years of happy wagging, smiles & time keeping from them!

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